DeFi synthetic leveraged asset tokens.

Built on Ethereum and Chainlink oracles.

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SynLev Exchange dApp

The SynLev Exchange dApp is now live on the Ethereum mainnet! Our first asset, 3XETH/USD is now trading with more to come soon.. SYN staking will be enabled shortly.

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SYN staking

SYN stakers earn 50% of ALL SynLev trading fees in Ethereum! Check out ourĀ blog post for details.


SYN/ETH UNIV2 Staking.
Stake Uniswap LP tokens for ETH rewards!

Provide liquidity on Uniswap for the SYN/ETH pair and earn the ETH rewards from 1 million staking SYN. Read More.

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SYN Public Sale

We are gradually selling 2 million SYN to help support the project and provide trading pair liquidity. Read more.